Saturday, October 02, 2004

Comrade Michael Moore strikes again.

French Shocker

Did you know that the statue of liberty was french?

I think its time we showed the french what we think of them and their statue.

Send "Lady Liberty" Home!

Why the redical left will lose and lose big.

They do not understand the central theme of the election, fear. The war on terror is not just the hunt for one man in a mountain cave somewhere. The war on terror is the war against fear itself. George bush is our father figure, he is the one that not only comforts us in the night, but keeps the keeps the bad men away. If the American people decide they do not need comfort in the night, or someone to keep the bad men away they can go ahead and vote for Kerry but as long as the American people are uneasy and afraid, as long as see shadows in the night turn into alligators they need George Bush, as long as they see every stranger as a potential killer they will need their father to protect them.

Not only are there madmen out to kill us, gays are invading every facet of American life and destroying the concept of family. Liberals are taking our money and giving it to crackeheads, single mothers, and welfare scamsters. Faceless corporations are cutting down our forests and polluting our rivers. Children are being left behind by an uncaring bureaucracy. Activist courts are deciding our fate. Lawyers are scamming the system with frivolous lawsuits, we could be sued for anything at any time. Secular hollywood liberals are filling the airwaves with sex and violence. The assault on American people seems neverending.

As long as there are forces out to destroy us and our way of life the right will always win.

Fair and balanced 1, Liberal media elites 0

Congrats to fox news who chalk up another victory over the liberal media elites.

In a stunning scoop Fox News uncovers who is really running Kerry, the communist party. That's right , in a turn of events right out of the mancurian candidate it turns out that Kerry has been a fellow traveler and a friend of polar bears and vodka all along.

Lets get comrade Kerry elected.


Special bonus. One of Kerry's communist supporters tries to disrupt in this post I am a communist Kerry supporter and I drive an F350 to school yo!

More reasons to vote for our president.

I just got this e-mail from a god fearing christian man who attends the same church as me, it outlines one more reason to vote against godless liebruls

Greeetings and God Bless all.

Yezturday I was watchingg the debates between our commander and that draft dodget kerry. I was waching it with my brother Jack and his son Jack junior. Now jack has had a bad spell for the last few years, he lost his job after the liberuls closed down the asbestose plant down in gainard and his wife was diagnozed with lung cnacer. Now i was watching the debates and jack junior asks, "Daddy, cna I vote?". Jack resplies "of cours not jj, ur ownly nine of age" . JJ replies smart az a whip, "I want to vote for our president becuz every time that tall man flip-flops he makes baby jesus cry"

From the mouth of babes.

"Evasive" huh? sounds like flip-flopery.

Turns out Blair is a secret papist and is desperately trying to hide it from the American people.

Blair, papist.

Hole? what hole?

In a startling flip-flop liberal "scientists" admit the "ozone hole" is getting "smaller".

When are the American people going to wake up and stop believing all this "science" and believe in the lord.

We are godless scientists, don't hurt us osama

Bush to god: "Let me finish lord, Let me finish"

Here is proof that god was helping our commander during the debates

Bush pleads with lord to let him finish

Score one for jesus!

Radical left wing media elite whacko blog washington monthly struck down by god.

Friday, October 01, 2004


In the last twenty-four hours it has become clear that the rats have become much more devious than anyone could have imagined. Using their cadre of elite trial lawyers and their in-depth knowledge of courtroom trickery they managed to pull the wool over Bush family retainer James Baker's eyes. I had posted earlier about the 33 pages of rules that the rats foisted on the Bush camp, but nobody knew how much these rules tilted the debate in Kerry's favor. Its as if the Yankees got to write their own rules and force everyone else to play by them, no matter how unfair they are. It is clear that the rats trial lawyers took advantage of Mr. Baker, and the American people are the ones to suffer.

I think we need a complete congressional investigation into these so called "rules".

Mister Kerry

Victims of our own success.

I want to say that I agree 150.9% with our president's astute analysis of the war.
We won so quickly that we really didn't have time to kill or capture most of the enemy.
Now that we have won, and the war is over, we have time to go back and fight the pockets of resistance that we just didn't bother with before.

I'm not sure what the radical left wing peacniks were expecting, this is war, not queer eye for the straight guy, nobody is going to welcome us with flowers, they are going to welcome us with bombs.

Radicals mangle truth, and put us all in danger.

In their mad quest for power the truth and the American people are just pawns in a dangerous game.

using front groups like Kroll, Inc. the left issues faked intelligence reports to give our president a black eye.

here is a quote:

Doubts continued to grow this week over whether elections can take place in January as planned against the current backdrop of relentless violence...It is likely that the current U.S. firmness is tied to the November presidential elections, and that its stance could change after the U.S. vote, if George Bush is re-elected. A revised and perhaps more realistic timetable could then be adopted...

more at daily "We will stop at nothing to destroy America" Kos

Democrats plant "Republicans" on panels.

In a stunning move Democrat sleeper agents surface in order to appear as undecided voters on debate wrap up shows.

The rats are trying to make it look like republicans are appearing on talk shows under false pretences. This is an unprecedented level of trickery and a new low for the rats.

There is something fishy here folks, how did these democrat agents infiltrate the ranks of gods own party.

democrats are outraged! outraged I tell you!

Radical left covers for Kerry's rabid "Metrosexuality"

Once again the American public loses as the radical left wing and media elites kill a story they don't want you to hear.

Here is Kerry bragging about his "metrosexuality" on fox news.

Rallying supporters in Tampa Friday, Kerry played up his performance in Thursday night's debate, in which many observers agreed the Massachusetts senator outperformed the president.

"Didn't my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!" Kerry said Friday.

With the foreign-policy debate in the history books, Kerry hopes to keep the pressure on and the sense of traction going.

Aides say he will step up attacks on the president in the next few days, and pivot somewhat to the domestic agenda, with a focus on women and abortion rights.

"It's about the Supreme Court. Women should like me! I do manicures," Kerry said.

Kerry still trails in actual horse-race polls, but aides say his performance was strong enough to rally his base and further appeal to voters ready for a change.

"I'm metrosexual — he's a cowboy," the Democratic candidate said of himself and his opponent.

A "metrosexual" is defined as an urbane male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle.

We need to contact fox news and demand that they not bow to pressure from liberal hate groups and the media elite.

Fox News, Please tell the truth about Kerry's manicure!


Here is a screen shot of the story the radicals don't want you to see!

George Walker Bush, Warrior

Amen dustyroadguy, whoever you are.

I posted this on the previous article by misatke I menat for it to be here sorry to be redundant:

my 2 cents

its clear that W is no debator....kerry is

its clear we are at war.......not at peace

what is needed now is someone that will pull the trigger

when W came under fire he pulled the tigger and has been on full-auto ever since, even when the incoming was/is overwhelming

when kerry came under fire he ran, left early, and then dispearaged his brothers on his return which brought dishonor on himself, and his country

which would you want in combat with YOU?

kerry may have won the debate on points

W will win the War with his steelie determination and his fighter pilot instincts....

words won't win the war on terror: bullets, guts, and determination will

I don't know how many more ways we can say it. Our president is a hero, John "Shoot 'em in the back" Kerry is a zero.

Our president trained to be a fighter pilot, which is to my mind this is probably the second hardest in the world, slightly behind landing on the moon. His skills as a pilot were noticed at the highest levels, and they based the ice-man character in "top-gun" on his exploits at the flight academy. He was all set to go over but some liberal peacniks stopped the war and prevented a young George Bush from going over there with his fighter jet and kicking some serious ass.

On the other hand, when the time came, kerry choked, he went on a pleasure cruise with some of his yale buddies, shot one scared kid in the back and Max Clealand ended up in a wheelchair. After he faked his third injury to return to the states, Kerry proved what a coward he was by never actually debating president Nixon. Thats right, for all his tough talk Kerry never actually stepped up and had the guts to take on Nixon in a debate, he just complained to congress and smoked some more pot.

Who would you want beside you, A man who pulled himself out of the oil fields of west texas with his prodigious flying skill, a man who more than one person has called the "mozart of the F-102". Or a man who took a 6 month pleasure cruise down a river and then decided to run back to mommy after being shot only three times. Hell, in Rambo III John Rambo gets shot over 30 times and he doesn't run back to the yale debate club.

It's Hard Work

Our president loves widows.

The radical left and the media elites are jumping all over our president for what they call his "Petulant" behavior, but from where I am sitting our president comported himself with dignity befitting the office that Reagan once graced.

Had I been in that position, physically and emotionally exhausted from helping hurricane victims and loving widows all day ( the man could barely hold himself up! he was forced to slump against the podium for support!) and I was being attacked by a rabid left wing dog I would have lost it.

Kerry hurled insult after insult after our president, showing total lack of respect for the man as well as the office. It only serves to underscore the differences between the two men, while Kerry was holed up in his cushy country club, counting the bearer bonds that the trial lawyers and welfare scamsters have been piling on him in return for porkbarrel projects, our president was removing tree limbs from roofs and loving poor widows.

I would never want to have a beer with a man like Kerry, a man who lords his "superior" upbringing and education over a good man like our president. A man who instead of asking if our president needs help, or a glass of water, as our president slumps exhausted against his podium, mercilessly attacks our president with all his might. Kerry is a man accustomed to privilege, a man who was raised in a great mansion by a cadre of servants and was educated at the best schools even as our president was working the oil fields, scrounging and saving to make his dream come true that he might be the first man in his family to graduate college. He is a man who stands there stiff, inert, uncomfortable, at the podium as he plans his next angle of attack, while our president lies dazed, helpless, after his ordeal, unable to defend himself against blow after blow after blow.

Who is the true American hero here, the soldier who lays dazed and injured or his tormentor, who will not give him even a moments respite.

Liberal media elite doctor photos to make Bush look shorter than Kerry!

This is just inexcusable. How do these "people" get away with forging documents, passing debate question to their liberal elite friends in a clear attempt to overthrow a sitting president, and doctoring photos.

In fair and balanced version Kerry, President almost same height!

In liberal version of photo, Kerry towers above our president!

Left wing radicals insult our allies for the third time today.

These "people" sure have a funny way of showing appreciation for our allies.

I know! Lets insult our allies!

Another scandal set to hit the liberal media elite.

Will Carville or anyone else associated with the Kerry campaign come out and answer the charges that Kerry knew the questions beforehand?

Jim Lehrer pulls a Dan Rather

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry, tax and spend liberal.

Kerry just promised to secure our ports, tunnels, chemical and nuclear plants as well as add to the army and double the number of special forces, Where is all this money coming from? The radical left is out of control with these porkbarrel projects like "port security".

Shrewd strategy from our president.

Rove is much smarter that everyone ever imagined! He came up with one of the most brilliant debate tactics ever. Lose the first debate as a way of lowering expectations and lulling your opponent into overconfidence. Sort of a debate rope-a-dope.

Kerry's non-plan.

I love how Kerry and the rest of the radical left dragged us into war, spent the last two years trying to beat the president over the head with their mistakes, and still offer no plan to get us out.

New York liberals to working man: "Drop Dead"

Radical left winger and media elites outline plans to shirk their duty just like their "heros" John "Shoot ' em in the back" Kerry and Max "Kerry's errand boy" Clealand.

Lets send the working man while we stay home with the ladies

It's the guys who can barely read out of high school, the people who have non-felony criminal records and the slackers who spend their days stocking at Wal-Mart [who we will send over to die while we sit at home eating fifty dollar dry aged porterhouse steaks with our two hundred dollar bottles of french wine]

noting that:

Between homosexuality, pregnancy and medical deferments, the [liberal elite] will still find an out.

It's good to know what the liberal elites think of the working man in America, equating him with illiterates and criminals. Guess they have been profiting for so long off of frivolous lawsuits, welfare, and porkbarrel government contracts that they no longer value a days work. I hope you are having a good chuckle Mr Liberal, as you sit there dining on the finest imported french delicacies, with Dan Rather and the rest of the media establishment. I Hope you and the Dixie Chicks are proud of yourselves. I hope you are enjoying your seared fois gras while you send the American working man off to war for your profits.

Radical left wing admits: " [voice of god on earth] won't change a thing for me"

I admit, I am godless

Do we need any more proof of the forces arrayed against us?

So deep is these "people's" hated of righteousness that they will put aside their own god given gift of rational thought and listen only to their masters in the liberal media elite.
There is no argument that could possibly sway them from their path of total moral destruction. I hate to speak ill of any fellow Americans but I believe that since they have turned their back on god and country it is time we turn our back on them.

Brave iraqi children help in the war on terror.

Brave Iraqi children are helping to provide security for american troop. Why won't the readical left wing media elites cover this story?

These colors don't run.

Instead of appeasing terrorists like some other so called "allies" I could name. Our good friends the brits refuse to kow-tow to terrorist demands, instead they plan a daring rescue mission like the one that saved Jessica Lynch a while back.

Kerry Lost

Kerry has lost the debate , and most likely the election. He just can't connect with voters and has never been able to define himself. His constant flip-flopping on key issues hasn't helped either. Perhaps if he had managed to come off a bit more likeable. And its very unfortunate that he is so tall and spindly, so unlike the president with his rugged physique. He should try less high class sports like wind surfing and more many activities like clearing brush.

Truth Brigades

Good to know God's own party's truth brigades will be out counteracting the left wing radical spin machine.

They never give up do they.

First they insist on debating and questioning everything we have accomplished over the last four years. Then they call in the cadre of New York lawyer and come up with 33 pages of rules.

What are they scared of?

How low will Air America sink.

I find it a bit surprising that when American hero Joe McCutcheon confronted radical left wing demagogue Al Franken and “doctor” Howard Dean about the million dollar out-house funded by liberal Washington insiders with hard working american’s tax dollars they claim to know nothing about it.

starts at 1:30

Left wing radicals ready to decieve honest americans.

Seems the radical left is actualy proud of it's spin machine.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

More Treason

More treason from the radical left.

How would Casey feel if he knew his own mother was being exploited by the radical left and the liberal media elite. His memory is being defamed every time the radical left debases what he and his band of brothers died to defend.

Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew what the radical left was doing with the freedoms that patriots fought for and died to secure.

When will liberal media elite stop lying about the war.

Why does the clinton news network keep saying bush was for the war. He said recently that he had tried to use diplomacy and had hoped that we would not have to use force. It’s pretty clear that liberal Washington insiders like John Kerry forced us into war with their “vote”, then tried to hang the president and the troops out to dry by voting to send troops in with no body armor.

When are they going to stop playing politics with American lives.

Lets stop blaming America first.

When will the elite liberal media start blaming Iraq on the real culprit? If Saddam had not seized power or been elected or whatever it is he did we would not have been forced to liberate the people of Iraq.

5 reasons Kerry will lose debates

1) Time limit. For Kerry the time limit is like sprinkling salt on a slug, or feeding alka-seltzer to a pigeon. Kerry’s long windedness has long been acknowledged to be his Achilles heel. I would be surprised if he could make a point in 20 minutes let alone 2, with all his hemming and hawing, parenthetical remarks, examining the question from all angles and carefully structured bulwark of disclaimers.

2) Kerry has no actual beliefs or ideas of his own. Each day his positions are carefully constructed by a crack team of Hollywood publicists and PR operatives. Whats more, these “people” are beholden to Hollywood liberals and New York money men. Their only goal is to make their liberal agenda seem palatable in order to lead our nations young people into a life of dissolution debaucherous enough to make a opium addicted French poet blush.

3) Kerry is a multi millionaire, and an evil one at that. I find it a bit suspicious that nobody has yet found proof regarding the allegations raised by some people that Kerry employs a private militia of French clones that he obtained while financing stem cell research. During the debates he will undoubtedly cackle evilly and demand millions of dollars to drop out of the race.

4) Kerry is laughably out of touch with the common man. Kerry’s idea of fun is sipping thousand dollar sherry, wearing a monocle, top hat and tux akin to the outfit worn by the monopoly guy, and listening to opera with the rest of the elites. Recently Kerry tried to demonstrate his kinship with the common man by drinking beer. Unfortunately the beer in question is not the kind you would see at a baseball game or in the cooler at a family picnic. More likely you would see it being served with some sort of cheese platter in a bistro on the left bank, being drunk by a “man” with carefully trimmed facial hair and a beret. As a result, Kerry will undoubtedly use words even Einstein would have trouble deciphering. Words more at home in a phd thesis written at one of the super liberal institutions of “higher learning” on the works of some old European “philosopher” than in an American living room.

5) Kerry is a coward. Kerry faked his third injury in Vietnam after turning around too fast and seeing his own shadow. As soon as his opponent opens his mouth Kerry will probably run away so fast he will leave scorch marks on the stage. He is going to surrender this debate faster than French.